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Re-Imagining the world, Challenging Convention


Evenings, Weekend classes from grade 2-12. Year-around classes.Multiple courses by grade level.


High level programming classes for kids in grade 6 and up. Block based programming for juniors.


Students who stay for years are passionate and dedicated. Win or lose, we give our best.

A Bit about Zebra

At Zebra Robotics, we are so proud and satisfied when parents tell us how much their child’s confidence and performance has improved at school since they started with us. The success of our program is also shown by the fact that our students have won awards at provincial and national levels in competitive events such as FLL and WRO. Our students have also been selected to represent Canada in the Robotics Olympiad. More importantly once kids come to our facility, they do not want to leave.


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Zebra Founders

What began as casually teaching robotics to their son and his friends has now grown into a multi-location evening, weekend and summer camp program– we have taught over 1000 students to this day.

Satish Thiyagarajan

Co-Founder, CEO

Sharmila Govindrajan

Co-Founder, Operations

Our Instructors

Our knowledgeable instructors are our greatest asset! They believe that with increasing automation of our society, both programming and mechanical knowledge is pivotal in our coming future, and as a result are determined to encourage our students to reach their best potential in our classes. All of our coaches undergo intense training focused on technical concepts and soft skills.

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